Patient Testimonials

Drs. Rabinowitz and Klerer,

How often have you heard anyone say “they love to go to the dentist?” You should both be extremely proud of your professional operation. You have the finest,greatest,and most pleasant staff in your profession. Don’t ever change.

Bill H.

After the placement of new crowns by Dr. Klerer……..

It makes me smile more because I hated my teeth before.

Connie F.

To Everyone,

I just want to thank you for my new smile!! It has really make a difference.  I know people look at me and want to say something is  different, but they are not sure. So thank you. I could go on and on, but I think you know how I feel!

Pat C.

Dr. Rabinowitz is a fine dentist, but in anybodies book this person is one we can agree is a Mensch in every sense of the word.  It is such a good feeling all the terrible things we read, to remember there are people who care about others.

Irene E.

Dr. Rabinowitz,

To a great dentist! For his many kindnesses and mitzvots. My sincere thanks.

Dina B.